Online Business Manager

What Are They And How Can They Help?

An Online Business Manager virtually handles the day to day operations, projects and team members
to give you the time to focus on the tasks only YOU can do for your business.

Every client has a unique situation. We will begin with an initial consultation to develop a plan of action just for you and your business based on the services listed below. Not only do I provide all of the services listed below, you will also receive…

Unlimited Phone Support
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Team Meetings & Strategy Sessions

Free Up Your Time

  • A review of how your time is spent
  • Help you delegate
  • Take tasks, projects, and items off your to-do list
  • Client relationships management
  • Implement and maintain project management platform

Operations Management
Review key systems needed to run your business to include…

  • Client Relationships
  • Billing
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Followup & Delivery
  • Process Creation and Documention
  • Identifying key players to implement and maintain processes
  • Setup software and tools
  • Payments & Collections

Project Management

  • Create a Project Plan
  • Setup of Project Management Platform
  • Delegate Project Tasks to Team Members
  • Project Status Updates
  • Follow Up & Follow Through
  • Maintain Project Scope & Budget

Marketing Management

  • Affiliate Marketing Management
  • Joint Venture Marketing Management
  • Audio / Video Marketing Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Publicity & PR Management
  • SEO Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Team Management of All Marketing Tasks
  • Review & Update of All Sales Funnels and Automations

Team Management

  • Manage Your Existing Team – Make sure the right people are doing what they perform best for your team
  • Implement a New Team
    • Write & Post RFP
    • Conduct Interviews
    • On-board New Team Members
  • Manage Team Budgets & Expenses
  • Provide Support & Motivation for the Team
  • Review Progress of Team Members

Website Management

  • Review & Keep Content Updated
  • Manage Development of New Websites
  • Managing Website Team (Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter)
  • Managing Sales Pages, Opt-ins, Landing Pages, etc.
  • Beta Testing
  • Setup and Maintenance of Plugins
  • Setup and Maintenance of Analytics
  • Obtain Testimonials from Clients
  • Shopping Cart Implementation and Management

Manage Your Newsletter & Blog

  • Establish & Implement Newsletter and Blog Publication Schedule
  • Establish & Implement Promotion Schedule
  • Manage Your List
  • Manage Creation of Templates and Branding
  • Coordinate with Copywriter for Content
  • Manage Solo Emails to List
  • Coordinate with Affiliate & JV Partners

Launch Management

  • Work With You To Develop A Launch Strategy
  • Establish Promotional Strategy
  • Work with Copywriter for Content
  • Create Sales Funnel
  • Manage Sales Page Creation & Implementation
  • Project & Team Management

Revenue Streams Management

  • Production & Creation Of…
    • Books & Workbooks
    • Media Products
    • Membership Programs
    • Virtual Events
    • Live Events
    • Coaching Programs
  • Manage Setup & Implementation
  • Manage Customer Service
  • Manage Physical Product Fulfillment

What Are Your Fees?

I Offer Flexible Payment Options...

Part Time Weekly


  • ~ 20 Hours A Week

Part Time Monthly


  • ~ 80 Hours A Month

Full Time Weekly


  • ~ 40 Hours A Week

Full Time Monthly


  • ~ 160 Hours A Month


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